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cURLd - Using P2P web protocols on the command line

April 01, 2021 — ~lohn

I created a personal project called Insomnia Project. Well, I have some nights that I just can't sleep. But I'm still functional on those nights. So I decided to create Open Source Projects with this "extra" time.

Ths first project is cURLd. It wants to be a cURL compatible CLI, but for the distributed web.

For now it only accepts simple GET requests, but already supports:

  • Hyper
  • IPFS
  • Gemini (I know it's not distributed, but I like it and it's here)

This idea comes from a discord chat about Agregore Browser and other possibles uses for the fetch interface that RangerMauve created for it. So I just slurped the interface and glued it in a CLI way. It's unpolished and rough. But stable enough to play.

You can install it easilu as npm install -g curld

and to get something you can use curld ipns://ipfs.io

tags: insomnia-project, hyper, p2p-web, ipfs, gemini, nodejs, cli

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